3 Reasons to Add a Garbage Disposal to Your Kitchen

Preparing a meal in your kitchen can be affordable and nutritious. However, if your kitchen doesn’t have the right tools, then the inconvenience of food preparation tasks may prevent you from eating in as often as you would like.

One of the tools that every modern kitchen needs is a garbage disposal. The addition of a garbage disposal to your kitchen sink can greatly enhance your cooking and cleaning experiences.

Upgrade your quality of life by opting to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen.

1. Odor Elimination

The kitchen can become a breeding ground for foul odors. Vegetable scraps in the trash, bacteria left behind by raw meats, and scraps of decaying food caught in your sink can all contribute to a kitchen that is anything but welcoming and inviting.

A garbage disposal can significantly reduce the odors that you commonly find in kitchens. A rotating blade shreds food particles and other scraps that are in the disposal into small pieces. Once the pieces are small enough to safely pass through your drainpipe, the food is released to wash into the sewer system.

By eliminating food waste with a garbage disposal, you can more easily keep your kitchen smelling fresh. Just be sure to keep your garbage disposal clean with regular doses of baking soda and vinegar to eliminate stuck-on food and bacteria from the rotating blades.

2. Clog Prevention

Bits of food stuck to dinner plates and flatware after a meal can pose a serious threat to your home’s plumbing system. If you wash your dishes by hand, food particles will settle in the bottom of your dishwater. When you pull the plug to release the water, the food particles will move into the drainage pipe along with the water.

Over time, these food particles can congeal and harden on the interior surface of your pipes. This leads to clogs that can compromise the performance of your plumbing system. A garbage disposal shreds food particles into pieces so small that they pose no threat of clogging up your plumbing system.

A garbage disposal can also help extend the life of your dishwasher. Dishwashers are equipped with drainage lines that are very small in diameter. If a food particle lodges in the drainage line, water will not be able to empty from your dishwasher properly.

Rinsing food particles from dishes and processing them through the garbage disposal before loading your dishwasher can extend the life of your dishwasher well into the future.

3. Pipe Protection

Your home’s plumbing system is a conduit of pipes that transport water to various fixtures throughout your residence. Should something compromise a pipe within the plumbing system, this can negatively affect the entire system.

Food buildup in your pipes that cause blockages could alter the pressure of the water flowing through your plumbing system. Water behind the clog will increase in pressure, making your pipes more susceptible to bursting. Water ahead of the clog will drop in pressure, making the use of your plumbing fixtures difficult.

A garbage disposal will eliminate the potential for food clogs that could contribute to potentially dangerous fluctuations in water pressure within your plumbing system.

Garbage disposals are easy and affordable to install. When you consider the benefits that you will enjoy once your garbage disposal works, the return on your investment is apparent.

If you are ready to add a garbage disposal to your kitchen, give Cleary Plumbing a call. We can install and start your disposal unit in a matter of hours. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about garbage disposals or plumbing in general.