4 Methods to Conserve Water During the Summer

As a homeowner, you prioritize making your house as efficient as possible. You know that these steps keep your bill costs low and your local environment more sustainable overall. One of the efforts you likely make is conserving water.

However, for many homeowners, water conservation falls by the wayside as soon as summer temperatures hit.

In this blog, we discuss four methods that you can use to conserve water even when temperatures climb.

1. Consult a Plumber About Upgrades

No matter how much thought and effort you put into how you use your plumbing, HVAC and irrigation systems, your water conservation plans may fall short if there’s a problem in the system itself.

As you decide to improve the way you use water over the summer, discuss your goals with a reputable plumber. Your plumber may suggest replacing certain components, upgrading your systems or even just changing some settings to streamline your water usage.

Watch for common signs of leaks because an untreated leak could counteract all your hard conservation work. Schedule a leak detection appointment if you notice signs like persistent musty odors or visible drips and puddles.

2. Control Your Family’s Water Play

There’s nothing more refreshing in the summer heat than splashing around in a pool or holding a water fight. However, water play can quickly waste large quantities of water, especially when young children lead the activities without any supervision.

Your water conservation efforts needn’t inhibit your family’s fun, just direct your water play choices to the most responsible options.

To reduce the amount of water used for play, set up a small pool instead of running a sprinkler. If you have a permanent pool, fill the pool up sparingly and try to complete the refill early in the morning to reduce evaporation. Cover the pool when it isn’t in use to help maintain your preferred water level.

3. Optimize Your Landscape Watering

Keeping your yard lush and beautiful while balancing the conservation needs of your area can be tricky. Start your efforts by scheduling an inspection of your watering system. This inspection can tell you if there are any problems with your irrigation lines or hose hookups. Repair any leaks or flow issues found during the inspection.

You can also evaluate the condition of your hose and replace it if you notice any issues. Also, you can check that you’re using the appropriate tools for all of your gardening needs.

As with filling your pool, do your watering during the times of day with the least evaporation-namely, in the early morning and in the evening. This step ensures that you use the smallest amount of water to maintain your yard.

4. Pour and Chill Your Drinking Water

When the heat hits, it’s important to keep your family hydrated. But running the tap until the water turns cold can waste a significant amount of water at any time of year. This habit wastes, even more, water in high temperatures.

Instead, fill a pitcher or two and put them in your fridge in the morning. You can also keep your ice cube trays filled, and invest in a reusable water bottle for each family member. Using chilled water or ice water reduces the waste from running your household tap.

Drinking from a reusable bottle decreases your reliance on disposable plastic water bottles. The production of plastic uses massive amounts of water.

Use these suggestions to keep your water usage and costs at a minimum, even during a summer heat wave.

If you still want to do more to conserve water consult with an expert from Cleary Plumbing to learn more about water conservation efforts in Florida.