3 Signs Your Older House Needs a Plumbing Overhaul

Your old house is filled with all those little nostalgic touches that make it unique in the modern world. However, a few things in the house probably should be updated for functionality, and plumbing is one of them. While a lot of the old plumbing processes have remained the same, plumbing components have drastically evolved from what they once were. 

Some homeowners who live in a vintage house get by with making a few small plumbing updates, but sometimes, the house will need complete replacement to work as it should. How do you know your older house could use a complete plumbing overhaul? Look for these signs to tell you that you will be better off and likely save money by completely replacing your home’s current plumbing system with something newer and more efficient.

Your Pipes Are Way Past Their Life Expectancy

Did you know all plumbing pipes have an expected number of years they will last according to the material? You can garner a lot by getting familiar with the type of pipes you have, and then tracking down how long they have been in use. HouseLogic says copper pipes should last at least 50 years and galvanized steel between 20 and 50 years.

Call a plumber if you are unsure of what kind of pipes you have and their age. You can also usually gain some insight if your home had a full inspection when you bought it. Your inspection should mention what type of plumbing pipes and fixtures are in the house and the estimated number of years they have been in use.

Your Plumbing Lines Are Created From a Discontinued Material

At one time, drainage lines were usually made from cast iron, main water supply lines were lead pipes, and polybutylene pipes were a part of the main plumbing system. All three of these types of plumbing fixtures have problems, so if your home has them, you could see some major issues.

Lead pipes should be removed because they can contaminate your water supply with lead. These pipes were used fairly regularly up until the early 20th century, so if your home is close to 100 years old, you could need an overhaul. Polybutylene is known for a severe breakdown in a short time frame, and cast iron breaks down due to corrosion, causing issues with poor drainage.

You Spend More on Plumbing Maintenance Than Usual

Sometimes, the sign you need a complete plumbing overhaul is not a specific component or group of components. A significant sign of needed improvements is if you are constantly having issues with your plumbing, such as:

    • Pinhole leaks in pipes
    • Drainage or flow issues
    • Discolored water from the tap
    • Sewage backups in toilets, sinks, or tubs
    • Rattling pipes or gurgling in water lines
    • Problems with poor water pressure
    • Poor water quality

The average cost to hire a plumber can range between $45 and $150 or more an hour depending on what you need to be done. If you call a plumber for help several times per year, the costs of maintaining your old plumbing system can add up quickly. So much so that it would be more financially logical to simply have everything replaced than to keep paying for small repairs.

While maintaining the overall original authenticity of your antiquated home is ideal for most homeowners, replacing the outdated plumbing can be a smart move on your part and a wise investment in your home. If you have an old house and you suspect the plumbing needs an update, reach out to Cleary Plumbing for professional advice and plumbing services.